Tea Offerings


At Picoplat Home, we just love to have tea!


Because a cup of tea, is as simple or as fancy, as you want it to be, but it always celebrates life!


Whether it is a solitary cup as you indulge in your One Day Pass, catching up with friends or a celebratory Pink Champagne Tea for a milestone celebration!

At Picoplat Home, we believe that we can celebrate life, in a healthy way.

As such, our afternoon tea plates feature healthy, wholesome selections, as we focus more on salads, fruit and vegetable options and meat alternatives (such as channa/chickpeas). We use local produce and freshly-picked from our garden, as much as possible. Sweet selections are not overly sugar-loaded and we limit deep-fried options.

Herbal tea selections include: bay leaf, chocolate mint, sage and rosemary from our garden...

You can select any one of our TEA MENUS below.

Bookings are TT$250 per person, with a minimum booking of 4 persons.

Our tea afternoons take place in our Secret Garden Porch (covered) or on our Samaan Deck,

if you prefer completely open-air ambience.

We are very happy to customize your tea, if you have dietary restrictions or

even if you like some of the items from one menu and some from another!

Just let us know…


Oriental Express

Naan breads  with chokas

Dhal and vegetables

Assortment of: Indian sweets/ fruit kebabs

Tea selection: Chai, turmeric, saijan tea


Tobago Love

Breadfruit tom tom, or roasted coo coo wedges

Codfish and tomatoes or smoked herring in tomato sauce

Assortment of: Tobago sweets and sweetbreads, coconut ice cream

Tea selection: mango with coconut, fever grass


Creole High Tea

Mini bakes or rolls with cheese/tuna fillings

Assortment of: cakes/pone/coconut ice cream/sweetbreads

Local chocolate samples

Tea selection: bamboo, orange peel, lemongrass,bay leaf


Journey to Marrakesh

Sesame crackers and flatbread wedges

Selection of cheeses, fruit and vegetables

Hummus and baba ghanoush dips

Assortment of: Middle Eastern sweets

Tea selection: Chai,orange peel, bamboo


Secret Garden Tea

Green salad with channa/chickpea, shrimp or chicken

Pumpkin or callaloo soup shots

Flatbreads, vegetables and dip

Assortment of: chocolate bark , fruit and nuts

Beverage & tea selection: cucumber water and herbal, organic teas.

christmas tea.jpg

Christmas Tea

Pastelle (chicken/beef/vegetarian)

Turkey rolls

Assortment of: fruit cake, cookies coconut mousse

Beverage & tea selection: sorrel tea, sorrel or ginger beer